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Lilydale Flying School

Flying School

An aviation "taste-test"

At one time or another almost eveyone has dreamt of being able to fly. Be one of the few who actually take the next step, and try the controls of an aircraft yourself. One of our friendly and experienced instructors who will explain the basic theory involved in controlling the aircraft. You will then be able to taxi the aircraft and once airborne you will take the controls and feel what it is like to actually fly.


Flying School

Learn to fly

The RAA Pilot Certificate / RPL (Recreational Pilot License) phase is the first step in becoming a pilot. One of our instructors will guide you through a simple step-by-step process, which breaks learning to fly down into a series of individual lessons focussed on the fundamental skills required to safely control the aircraft. This phase of training contains one of the most exciting stages in all pilots' flying experiences.... your "First Solo" flight. Once you have attained your RAA Pilot Certificate or RPL, you are free to fly whenever you like within the local area of the aerodrome.

Flying School

Spread your wings

After learning to fly, the next logical step is to use this new found skill to travel. During the Cross Country endorsement / PPL phase you will learn to plan flights, navigate, and how to deal with unexpected changes in conditions during a flight. Once you have finished this stage, you are free to explore the entire country by air.


Flying School

Advanced Training

Yarra Valley Aviation offers a wide range of advanced pilot training including:

  • CPL
  • NVFR
  • Instrument Ratings
  • Aerobatic
  • Formation


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